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We have put this together in response to necessity to close our Dojang doors due to Covid-19 for a while.  Our students can keep training and access resources during this difficult time. Keeping our Moral Culture Tae Kwon Do students engaged, informed and motivated.

Paul Hooper – Chief Instructor IV Dan

About our Club

Moral Culture Tae Kwon Do Club is based in Weston-super-Mare, and is one of the most innovative and respected clubs in the UK today.


Moral Culture Tae Kwon Do is the traditional form of ITF Tae Kwon Do – the Korean Martial Art that literally translates as “the way of the foot and fist”.

We have trained for over 30 years to produce a Club that has remained progressive, incorporating the latest training and teaching methods whilst maintaining its vital Korean Tae Kwon Do heritage within its traditional roots.

As a member of the Club you will learn the traditional Martial Arts Patterns coupled with Korean Interpretation and Application as well as an extensive range of Self Defence, Sparring and Destruction techniques.

The broad connotations and various possible interpretations of the moral culture are often very difficult for the western mind to grasp because this is an aspect of Oriental Philosophy, which pervades the lives of Oriental people. In a word, it is the endeavour and process of becoming an exemplary person such as Confucius (552-479 AD). Confucius said, “to promote the sense of morality one must treat others with faithfulness and sincerity based on righteousness, and to eliminate completely vicious thinking”.

Our students practice and follow our 5 tenets.
Courtesy: To be polite to one’s instructors, seniors and fellow students.
Integrity: To be honest with oneself. One must be able to define right and wrong.
Perseverance: To achieve a goal, whether it is a higher grade or any technique, one must not stop trying; one must persevere.

Self Control: To lose one’s temper when performing techniques against an opponent can be very dangerous and shows lack of control. To be able to live, work and train within one’s capability shows good self control.
Indomitable spirit: To show courage when you and your principles are pitted against overwhelming odds.

Running alongside our traditional syllabus we tutor our students to become capable in all ranges of fighting styles including:
Kicking & Punching // Sweeping & Throwing // Wrist, Arm & Leg Locks // Choke & Strangle Holds // Grappling

Moral Culture welcomes all ages and abilities to train in a safe and encouraging environment.

Our complete martial arts training will give you confidence and provide you with the best training, using progressive training techniques as well as maintaining it’s vital heritage and traditional Korean martial arts roots.

With so many years experience we understand that walking into a martial arts class for the first time can seem quite daunting. Our Tae Kwon Do Club wants to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. We know that everyone has their own level of fitness and ability and our instructors will work with you to encourage you to achieve your full potential.

Our club is popular with people of all ages, from children up to seniors. Students train with us as individuals to improve their fitness and well-being, parents encourage children to attend to help develop strong self control and respect as well as valuable physical disciplines.

Tae Kwon Do was founded General Choi Hong Hi 9th Dan on 11th April 1955. Originally taught in the Korean Army. It later became adopted by other armed forces and law enforcement groups.

Tae Kwon Do has now become a choice of self-defence. For men, women & children of all ages and ability worldwide. Through proper training the Tae Kwon Do practitioner can develop physical skills, strength of character and humility.
Moral Culture Tae Kwon Do is a member of the NAKMAS Martial Arts Governing Body.

Important people of Tae Kwon Do:

General Choi
Choi Hong Hi (9 November 1918 – 15 June 2002), also known as General Choi, was a South Korean army general and martial artist who is a controversial figure in the history of the Korean martial art of Tae kwon do. Choi is regarded by many as the ‘Founder of Tae kwon do.’

Grandmaster Hee Il Cho
Grandmaster Cho, his teachings and style where a massive influence on our clubs founder, Mr Mark Clough, and continues to influence and shape our club today.

A Living Legend. “Grandmaster Hee Il Cho is by far one of the most experienced and knowledgeable martial artists of our time. A fighter, scholar, innovator, master, philosopher – the Tae Kwon Do Prophet”

Moral Culture Tae Kwon Do



Self Defence

Tae Kwon Do is the core of our Self Defence System but we also utilise techniques from other martial arts and fighting systems including Krav Mega the official system of Self Defence and hand-to-hand combat of the Israel Defence Forces, Police & Security Services.

Having a sound knowledge of self defence can help develop your confidence and improve your skills.  We provide our students with expert training in areas such as deterring potential threats, understanding individual’s behaviour and how to diffuse conflict situations.

As part of our Self Defence training we will develop your abilities and confidence in areas such as:

• Strikes & Blocks
• Throws & Pressure Points
• Kicking & Punching
• Sweeping & Throwing
• Wrist, Arm & Leg Locks
• Chokes, Strangles and Grappling

In addition to the traditional art of Tae Kwon Do we utilise this modern, practical and proven system of self defence, carefully conceived for today’s volatile world.

We also provide personalised self defence training for individuals or companies looking to have a tailored personal training session covering a range of self defence scenarios.  

Our classes are open to everyone and we also feature “ladies-only” self defence classes.

Within these classes we cover all aspects of self protection as well as the law in regards to self defence and our right to defend ourselves on the streets, in our homes or at our workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Everyone starts with their first two lessons free. If you like it and want to continue Tae Kwon Do training you can either pay a monthly fee by direct debit or at the start of each month in your lesson. We can provide you with full costs for individual students or family membership upon request.

Absolutely not. Fitness and flexibility are developed through training. However, if you have any existing medical conditions, or sustain any injuries between classes, please ensure you inform the instructor BEFORE training commences.

No there isn’t. We welcome all ages in our club to train with us and we have children as young as 6 and adults well into their senior years. Younger children often have different levels of attention and therefore your free trial sessions are a good way to see if Tae Kwon Do is appropriate for them.

To help with work and family commitments we train at Thursday evenings at 7pm – 8pm and Sunday evenings at 6pm – 7pm.

Our club trains at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Hutton Moor Road, Avon, Weston-super-Mare BS22 8LY

You don’t need any equipment to start training. Once you are sure you wish to continue you will need a uniform, which is called a Dobok. These are compulsory for official events such as competitions and gradings. We can advise you on this.

Sparring equipment is not normally required for students in the lower grades, unless you wish to compete in tournaments. For gradings from blue strip and above sparring equipment is compulsory, however, this is usually at least 1½ years after starting your training.

Of course. Parents are welcome to sit at the back and watch their children practice, however, whilst the class is running we request that you do not talk on your mobile phone or talk to people at the back of the class. We are trying to create an atmosphere for study and practice and people talking often puts our students off.

Literally translated, Tae Kwon Do means “the way of the hand and foot”. The most important part of the word is “Do” as this translated means “the correct way”. Learning to kick and punch are only physical attributes. By practising “Do” and the principles of Tae Kwon Do you become an overall martial artist, both physically and mentally.

Like Karate, students of Tae Kwon Do perform a lot of upper body techniques like punching, blocking and striking. What distinguishes Tae Kwon Do from other martial arts is it’s superior kicking techniques. In Tae Kwon Do students can learn to perform multiple kicks whilst flying and jumping in the air.

There are 10 belts up to Black Belt 1st Dan. Beginners start with what is know as a white belt and as you undergo gradings your belt colour will change.

No. Gradings take place every 3 months but there is no obligation to grade. Students are assessed in class and are only put forward for gradings when both you and the instructor are confident in your ability and the you feel ready and willing to progress.

With regular attendance and personal practice it is possible to go from white belt to black belt in under 5 years. Obtaining your Black Belt is a long term goal.

When you achieve your Black Belt you automatically become a 1st Dan. To qualify for 2nd Dan you must train hard for a minium of 2 years and your instructor then decides if you are ready to apply for your 2nd Dan promotion. You may have to wait longer if you have missed training for any reason or ifyour instructor doesn’t think you are ready. For 3rd Dan you have to train for an additional 3 yeras after achieving your 2nd Dan, a further 4 years for 4th Dan and a further 5 yeras training for 5th Dan, etc.


Feel free to download our training resources to help you through your Tae Kwon Do training, grading and becoming a member of the British Freestyle Tae Kwon Do Association.

Student Manual
Member Application
Free Introductory Lessons

We offer all students your first two lessons completely free so you can decide if Tae Kwon Do is right for you

Training Sessions

Thursday: 7pm – 8pm
Sundays: 6pm – 7pm


Hutton Moor Sports Centre,
Hutton Moor Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 8LY