• Mark Clough's Tae Kwon Do Club based in Weston-super-Mare, is one of the most innovative and respected clubs in the UK today.

      We welcome all ages and abilities to train in a safe and encouraging environment.  Our complete martial arts training will give you confidence and provide you with the best training, using progressive training techniques as well as maintaining it's vital heritage and traditional Korean martial arts roots.

      With so many years experience we understand that walking into a martial arts class for the first time can seem quite daunting.  Our Tae Kwon Do Club wants to make this experience as enjoyable as possible.  We know that everyone has their own level of fitness and ability and our instructors will work with you to encourage you to achieve your full potential. 

      Our club is popular with people of all ages, from children up to seniors.  Students train with us as individuals to improve their fitness and well-being, parents encourage children to attend to help develop strong self control and respect as well as valuable physical disciplines.

    • Mark Clough’s Tae Kwon Do performs traditional ITF Tae Kwon Do the Korean Martial Art that literally translates as “the way of the foot and fist”.

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    • Tae Kwon Do is the core of our Self Defence System but we also utilise techniques from Krav Mega the offical system of Self Defence and hand-to-hand combat 

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    • Our frequently asked questions are designed to answer any questions you may have about our club or about Tae Kwon Do itself.

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