• Self Defence

  • Tae Kwon Do is the core of our Self Defence System but we also utilise techniques from other martial arts and fighting systems including Krav Mega the official system of Self Defence and hand-to-hand combat of the Israel Defence Forces, Police & Security Services.

    Having a sound knowledge of self defence can help develop your confidence and improve your skills.  We provide our students with expert training in areas such as deterring potential threats, understanding individual's behaviour and how to diffuse conflict situations.


    As part of our Self Defence training we will develop your abilities and confidence in areas such as:

    • Strikes & Blocks
    • Throws & Pressure Points
    • Kicking & Punching
    • Sweeping & Throwing
    • Wrist, Arm & Leg Locks
    • Chokes, Strangles and Grappling

    In addition to the traditional art of Tae Kwon Do we utilise this modern, practical and proven system of self defence, carefully conceived for today’s volatile world.

    We also provide personalised self defence training for individuals or companies looking to have a tailored personal training session covering a range of self defence scenarios.  

    Our classes are open to everyone and we also feature "ladies-only" self defence classes.

    Within these classes we cover all aspects of self protection as well as the law in regards to self defence and our right to defend ourselves on the streets, in our homes or at our workplace.